Chiropractic Care 101 – Health Benefits You Didn’t Know About

When was the last time you’ve been to the Chiropractor? If you can’t remember, you are probably overdue for another health assessment. We are not here to make you feel bad, we just want to take the time to show you all the benefits of visiting a chiropractor near you, so that your physical, emotional, and mental wellness in optimum condition. Allow us to elaborate on some of the benefits of visiting your local chiropractor on your overall wellness while answering a few frequently asked questions. Our goals are to make sure we educate you about know everything you need to know about chiropractic care.

What Does A Chiropractor Do? 

A chiropractor is a health care professional whose primary goal is to heal the human body by placing an emphasis on the alignment of the joints or spine,  ultimately improves how the nervous system communicates with the human body. There are two parts of the nervous system, the central nervous system, and the peripheral nervous system. Our central nervous system is comprised of all of the nerves in our spinal cord and brain. While the peripheral nervous system includes all of the remaining nerves in our body. Chiropractic care generally uses a hands-on form of therapy treatment that includes adjustment techniques such as the diversified, Sacro Occipital, and Thompson techniques, Extremity manipulating/adjusting, cranial, activator methods, and many others. Performing these treatments allows for our human body to focus on its natural ability to heal from the inside out without interference from misalignment related factors.

What Are Some of The Benefits of Chiropractic Care?

  1. Pain Management

Chiropractors are known for their ability to help manage their client’s pain. In fact, most people associate chiropractic care specifically with lower back pain management. Although lower back pain management is more commonly associated with chiropractic care, chiropractors are able to help manage pain in several other areas of the body such as joint pain in the knee, shoulders, neck, and hip.

Assessing Your Health

For pain management, a chiropractor must first determine if treatment is appropriate for your specific needs and pain.  This can be achieved by assessing their client’s medical history, performing a physical examination and if necessary, your chiropractor might also utilize lab tests and/or diagnostic imaging. Once it is been determined that chiropractic care is best for you, your chiropractor will come up with a treatment plan specific to your needs, which may include hands-on adjustments to the joints. Overall the adjustment would serve the purpose of easing discomfort, improving the quality of motion, and restoration of function and range.


  1. Boost Immune System

Our immune system is made up of different cells (Lymphocytes, neutrophils, and monocytes/macrophages), tissues, organs, and proteins. This is why it plays an important role in allowing our body to be able to function to its fullest potential and keeping us healthy overall. Since our immune system is directed connected to our spine, chiropractic adjustments to our spine can decrease any interferences such as compression of the nerve pathways in the spine. Chiropractic back adjustments are one of the many spinal manipulation strategies in addition to table adjustments, instrument adjustments, toggle drop, lumbar roll, release work, and much more, in order to relieve subluxations all of which provide improvements to the compressed areas and in turn boosts our immune system.


  1. Improved Sleep

If you are experiencing trouble getting a good night’s rest, you may be able to benefit from a chiropractic realignment or adjustment. Most chiropractors are can evaluate your sleep patterns and provide beneficial solutions. They will discuss and sometimes even evaluate your sleeping positions and provide feedback or recommendations on how to improve your night’s rest. Your chiropractor can also alleviate any discomfort or tension within the spine which will help to increase blood flow. Increasing the client’s blood flow aids in promoting relaxation and thus allows you to get a suitable and restful sleep.


  1. Improved Digestive function

Another benefit that you can achieve from getting a chiropractic adjustment is improved digestive function. Our nervous system is linked directly with our digestive system and it has control over several different aspects of our digestive functions, including how fast or slow your body digests food. In addition to having an effect on your sleep pattern, subluxations also have an effect on your digestive system as it can cause interference with the nerve’s ability to control digestion properly. If this happens, it can lead to digestive issues such as irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, constipation, and many other digestive problems.

Regular Chiropractic Visit Improves your Wellness

Visiting a chiropractor regularly for spinal adjustments can help to alleviate digestive concerns in patients of all different ages and body types.  Studies have shown that chiropractic care has been able to provide immediate relief for patients who have digestive conditions and have had their vertebra guided gently by their chiropractor back into place. This takes the tension off of your nervous system and allows it to be able to function to its fullest ability.


Who Can Benefit From Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is very beneficial for patients of all ages and body types.  This type of care serves as a more natural approach to health and healing and it allows for patients to bypass the side effects that they could have experienced if they decided to take a more pharmaceutical approach to health and wellness. Studies have even shown that chiropractic adjustments are just as effective on newborns as they are in adults. Just like pregnant women, who are also good candidates chiropractic care, newborns may have experienced some misalignment during labor that a chiropractor can easily adjust. Many professionals in our industry focus on adults and adolescent aged individuals but don’t be afraid to request a pregnancy chiropractor or baby chiropractor as many healthcare professionals are happy to provide the service themselves or refer you to someone whom you can rely on.


Chiropractic Care Benefits Everyone

Chiropractic care is for clients of all ages and a licensed and skilled chiropractor will assess and recommend the proper care and treatment specific to your conditions. Chiropractic adjustments are especially useful, and we recommend having an evaluation if you have, or are experiencing any joint pain including, back and neck pain, anxiety, digestive imbalances, or sleep deprivation.


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